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"He did up and above for my family. He made the impossible seem possible and also made it possible. And now we have a chevy silverado 2017 single cab truck. Thanks to him. Great job Turnet"
Curtis Lehman
"Pros: The dealership has an up front no haggle policy that I respect and appreciate. Their prices seem competitive and fair. Metreol was our salesperson who was nice and not pushy or high pressure. Metreol's professionalism and no pressure is the only reason they get 3 stars. Lack of willingness to work with me makes me want to give them only a 1 star for the fair price. Cons: During the test drive the sales person, Metreol, said we would be able to take the car to our own mechanic to get an independent inspection on the car. He said Century Chevrolet actually encourage their customers to do that. When we got back and attempted to set up how we would get the car to our mechanic for an independent inspection, we were informed that we wouldn't not be allowed to do that. Chad the sales manager told us the car had had too many people showing interest in it and did not want it to be off the sales floor for even a day. He claimed to have called the sales manager for used cars and was unable to change this. I attempted multiple counter offers to resolve this issue and none of them were accepted. They included: - Putting a deposit on the car. - Signing papers taking on responsibility. Driving the car up that Saturday night so it was at the mechanic when it opened Monday morning, to minimize time away from the dealer. What really turned me off was: - Being told they encourage customers to do independent inspections, and then going back on that offer because there was "too much interest in that particular car". - Making multiple offers to try to work out a compromise, and not once, did anyone at Century Chevy make a counter offer, suggestion, or options for any compromise. No, take it or leave it. I finally bought the car only after I came up with the idea to write into the contract that if I return within two business days an estimate with more than $1200 in issues, would they allow me to return the car with no fee's or charges. . I'm waiting to hear back from the mechanic. I will post a follow up if there were issues or not. "