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"Was there 4/20/18 sales person was Patricia. Drove used 2015 Nissan Sentra. Internet price 10,999. She said they charge dealers fee $999.00. I told her I wanted to pay cash for the auto. She asked if I was buying today and I said no I was just looking around today. She went into the back after a few min came out with a quote around $15,375. It had a reconditioning warranty charge that was $1995.00. I said I didn't want it. She proceeded to tell me it was mandatory. I proceeded to walk out and she would not let me take the quote on the paper. I knew I would have the dealers fee, taxes, tag fee but was not expecting the rest. The whole deal sounded shady..."
"Great experience! Very helpful. Still had to deal with the third party manager, let’s make a deal situation. Over all, they were very helpfull"