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" Warning this dealership has dropped a vehicle off a lift and refused to turn over their insurance information. Make claims to other customers that their insurance is handling it when in fact my personal insurance is handling claim. Over 13k in damages/expenses to the "accident" where a 20ft dually was placed on a smaller car lift. Weight rated yes proper lift points used no. The owner of this dealership is willing to handle things at his body shop of choice but only willing to pay estimated 3k. (See above in costs and still rising) also owner wanted to take things out back and settle (his words) all on video and audio recording when we simply wanted some insurance information to get things handled. If you ask about our situation you will be told we are upset that they refused to trade us due to emissions on the truck were altered. True they agreed to trade us as I said I would never feel safe in this truck again hauling my 4month old son across country with our 42ft rv in tow. They were drawing up paperwork and then changed their minds. They stated it's illegal and couldn't sell it when a dealer trade or auction was a perfect solution but the owners response was he wouldn't do it because he wouldn't make money. .. so a dealership is to make money off of them dropping my truck? We then offered to have the truck placed back to emission passing and got a response no deal. All this is not he said she said I have text correspondences, Audio recordings. Now almost 5 months later I'm personally out thousands and still dealing with issues regarding the truck. You think a dealership has your best interest in mind when they tell you here's a rental we will fix your truck like new it will look better than before. Trust yourself and have your family's safety in mind. Their 3k offer to pay to fix the issue doesn't even tough the 13k and rising costs. Tell me how would you want to be treated by a dealership?? I simply wanted them to do the right thing and this post will be updated as the case continues. Could they have traded us? Yes Could they have provided their insurance information to Me? Yes Will they lie and say I'm just upset? They have been so far even sending emails to potential future customers concerned with how this is being handled. Its not slander it's not hearsay when you have proof. We are a family just trying to raise a small child and work but we have made countless trips beyond being inconvenienced at this point to get our truck back in working order before this so called accident. (Negligence) From being name called by the owner himself. If it weren't for the dealership trying to make money off of their own issue we would have all this behind us but still 5 months into this ordeal we are dealing with the nightmare of it all. Updates will be posted and I'm sure if you contact the dealership you will get lies from the management (I've already seen coming from them forwarded to me) This could easily be any customer. Who wants this when you taken your truck in for a warranty oil pan seal leak? Sounds simple huh?"
"Bill Hevel continues to provide superb customer service. He has been able to accommodate my busy work schedule and short notice changes. specially helpful is the rest of the service department and their ability to back up one another. Greg has been very helpful backstopping when Bill has been unavailable. Great Team!. "