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"Knowledgeable people working on your car or truck The courtesy was impressive Service was done quickly and well Did noe expect my truck to be washed"
"Rep ignored me when I came into service area. Never cared to know what type of truck I had I don’t even have sticker or reminder for when the next service is due. She also wrote up a Sierra I don’t own a Sierra I own a Denali...I’m very disappointed I really don’t like to complain, but I did witness the Caucasian’s who entered the door after me were helped before me. I witnessed it first hand I was tempted to contact the news, because I was told this is not the first time at this location this has transpired. but if you look on Google response my experience is very clear. I will never return there again and I will definitely tell others of how I was outright ignored by a representative. Yes Jessie Brooks I made sure to take a card from the desk so it will not be a mistake in who the complaint is directed to. See Google Feedback"