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Nascar 77
"I had a great experience with the sales team and management everything went well and smooth . Friendly atmosphere I had no pressure I would recommend going to this dealership.Keep up the good work !"
"I was just browsing while getting service on my vehicle and salesman was very helpful as was the manager of the dealership but my issue was the Chrysler rep who's was in the dealership that day. My best description of him was a snake oil salesman. He was very pushy, and his aggressive attitude is the reason why car salesmen have a negative impression with most people. I was just browsing but will be buying a new vehicle in the future but not if this attitude persists in this dealership. On the other hand I trust Sean in the service department and he is the reason I would purchase another vehicle here. I am a recent widow and it's important to me that I have a service department that I feel is trustworthy and honest."