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"My 2006 Buick LaCrosse had been stolen and was brought to the dealership with the steering column damaged and no key. I was very concerned that due to the age of the vehicle and the damage that the parts may not even be found. With patience and Tim Znidarsic my service rep at Baytown GMC Buick my car was repaired with a new key and a great relief. Tim also made sure my car was safe to drive and needed maintenance was done. Oil change, new battery, both rear windows in my car would not stay closed and were repaired leaving me no further concern of my windows being left down. Tim made sure the brakes were in good shape and that my car would be safe to drive on the road. I’m grateful to Tim for understanding Without these repairs that I would not have transportation. When I’m able I will return to purchase my next vehicle at Baytown GMC Buick because their not just a business selling and repairing cars they reach out to the needs of each individuals to see that they have transportation at an affordable rate that fits the customers income. Thank you so very much. I’m on the road again😀"
"I contacted dealer about a heater problem. diagnosed as a seal was leaking. Dealer ordered parts. Once parts were in dealer called me. Dealer gave me a new (less than 1000 Miles0 vehicle to drive. I had already made plans ti visit my brother 90 miles from Effingham. Dealer had no problem with the 200 miles. Dealer noticed another leak and ordered a second part. Heater was fixed and is working satisfactorily. A great deal of confidence. This is why I picked this dealer when buying a new car."