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"Getting in to the service dept. is very guick, easy and friendly, It's great to do business with these guys. We feel safe and comfortable with these guys"
"January 23, 2017 Today, I visited TruWorth Auto Company in search of a car for my son, a recent college graduate in need of a reliable and affordable first car. Manny Davis, a salesman approached me and offered his assistance. Mr. Davis was anxious to help. We looked at several cars before I saw what I am certain, my son would love to have. Mr. Davis answered my questions and highlighted different aspects of the car. He was knowledgeable and personable. As a result, I am considering the purchase of a very nice car on the lot, a Buick Regal, that we can afford, and that my son will really like. I plan to return with my son to discuss the particulars of the sale including the financing. SBaldwin "