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"This was not a normal experience. We usually hate going to dealerships because we feel harassed and someone is always over our shoulders. We were asked if we needed help and then she said to just let her know when we were ready. We then went inside and sat with her she asked what we were looking for. She wrote down our information and seemed genuinely interested in helping us. We left the lot and she called 10 minutes later to let us know a truck just got traded in and had what we were looking for. We turned around out of curiosity thinking they probably just want to make a quick sale, but we were so wrong! She found us exactly what we were looking for. She said it still needed to be serviced but would call us with a price so we could put a deposit down and she could hold it for us. A week later here we are driving the truck my husband always wanted!! Thank you Mikayla great job!!"
"Working with Roy Day was a very positive experience. He is very knowledgeable and answered all questions we had. We also did not feel pressured by Roy or Doug in purchasing our new truck. This was one of the best vehicle buying experience we've ever had."