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"This is the best place to buy a car. SO. MANY. CHOICES. It's pretty mind-blowing all the options they have on the property. I did, however, go with a few cars in mind that I wanted to test drive. As soon as I arrived, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Then I was introduced to my salesperson, Martha. She was excellent and very knowledgeable about the cars that I was interested in. She helped me make a great decision on what she considered my best option and she was right. I am so happy with my car and do not regret anything about the purchase. And the price? AMAZING. Maverick, in the finance department, was so fun to talk to. He made me and my mother (who also went with me) feel like long time friends. Does this ever happen when you buy a car?! Never. Ever. Now my mother and father are next in line to buy a car. So one down, two to go. Thank you all once again for making the car buy experience a positive and fun thing! See you soon."
"I have used their service department for all of my GM vehicles over the past 10 years. Sorry to see Bob and Glenn leave and was a little concerned going forward. Should not have been. Very professional and accommodating as I had to bring my truck back for a warranty repair. Was treated like a customer and they wanted to my business. "