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Luv' n Our Soul
"Nathan was Amazing, he answered ALL of our questions patiently & we had soooooo many! He spent hours w/ us, we test drove 3 models & we never once felt like we were bothering him with our barrage of questions. We are in our 60s & he never made us feel old by our lack of technical knowledge. He just kept being helpful. Nathan is very experienced & extremely knowledgeable about cars (which pleased my husband) We highly recommend this patient & respectful young man. Carlos was wonderful, honest & very patient w/ us also!!! He explained everything so well & reexplained many things to us if we were unsure. He made the financial end of buying a car enjoyable. Thank you Nathan & Carlos 😊"
"I got Speedy servers and I was told from Step 1 what was going on with my car it was told that it would take about a half an hour to an hour and it was done in timely fashion that young man that service my car was nice and friendly thank you"