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"I live in California, and I bought a used Ford Expedition from Sheehy, sight unseen. First of all, this vehicle was priced about $5000 cheaper than anywhere else I looked. I contacted with Chuck Vanderwall, and spoke with him over the phone about the condition of the vehicle. He was totally upfront and replied "I haven't even seen it or drove it yet, let me go look and ill call you back" when he called me back he gave me an accurate description of the vehicle, and we began the purchasing process. The purchase was easy and Chuck met the transporter in the parking lot, and got it on its way. After the vehicle was delivered, I did a walk around inspection and it was exactly as described. After approximately a week, i found an inconspicuous part that was broken, that was pretty expensive. I called Chuck and he and the dealership, purchased the part and sent it to me, with no hassle. I would recommend this dealership to anyone, just talk to Chuck Vanderwall."
Julie M Gronewold
"My husband and I had just started to look for a replacement vehicle as ours had done it's job long enough. We didn't think that we would have a chance to own a new(er) vehicle again for a long time but Doc took a chance on us and worked hard to get us in to a beautiful 2017 Ford Escape that we love already. Other places we looked at wouldn't even try to help us the way that Doc and the rest of the staff did to make a dream turn in to reality. Thank you again for everything."