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" I couldn’t have asked for better experience. From beginning to end working with the wonderful service team I felt special and informed with an end result of a job well done. "
"BUYERS BEWARE DO NOT PURCHASE @- Check their BBB rating (it's a D-) and notice that the dealer only posts 5 star reviews on their own site. I bought a 2014 Toyota Prius on May 15th 2018, only to discover when trying to use the A/C that it did not work. Who sells a car without A/C? Gus asked us to bring the car back and said they would take care of it, and it was likely that the car needed a freon charge becasue it had been sitting on the lot. We brought it back, waited half a day for them to say that it was a freon issue, and that there was a possible radiator issue. They "did not have time" to look at it that day, and asked us to bring it back assuring us they would take care of it. Brought the car back a 3rd time, waited all day. Gus comes out and says, the repairs will be $700 and we've "Already lost too much money on the car" you'll have to pay for the repairs. At this point we had noticed a few things about the car/dealership. They had replaced the back tail light with a light from a different model because it was cheaper and they had only given me one key at the end of the transaction, when I asked they said "Car only comes with one key". I wrote a formal complaint to the dealership, I received a return call from "Junior" who said why don't you bring the car back? I explained that we had made 3 trips to the dealer and that I had no trust that they would safely repair the car. I explained that I wanted a certified Toyota dealer to look over the car to diagnose what was really happening. Junior said "don't bring it to Toyota, the parts are to expensive. Not once did they apologize nor did a manager even get involved. Bottom line I told the dealer I was getting the repairs completed, gave them weeks to work with me and a deadline to pay the invoice from Toyota. I spent $2500 to get the A/C and radiator in safe working condition. Do your homework, this dealer has been sued by a lemon law lawyer, they don't respond to BBB complaints, they only post 5 star reviews on their own site. Ask a ton of questions ahead of time, there are some very reputable Independent Auto dealers out there who will do the right thing. This store is what gives dealers a bad name."