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Tina G from Hampton, NJ
Working with J.R. was great, no pressure, the dealership far exceeded my expectations. This is my first BMW purchase, X3 28D, and I would defiantly come back to Flemington BMW again. I also worked with Rebecca in Finance who was excellent at explaining all of the warranty coverage plans. Defiantly check out this dealership if you are shopping for a BMW, you will not be disappointed.
As many know anytime you go to a dealership you have to deal with some bs promise you found online or some annoying sails reps. I'm hear to say that here at Fette Kia Anthony Catalano completely changes that feeling. A man with no gimmicks and 0 crazy sails tactics tells you as it is and doesn't try to screw you when you go in thinking your paying one price and then all of a sudden are getting hit with these other fees. He tells you how it is and I highly respect that. No wasting time just time spent making a deal and having some laughs along the way. A very personable individual and fellow Italian Anthony is sure to do his absolute best to get you into the vehicle you want at the price you want as he did for us. And I know you won't be disappointed with him and the whole experience. Just a note we have been buying cars here since 1990 (over 10 cars bought) and by far these people know how to make a deal without all the gimmicks, especially for people on a budget. Very respectable and very good deals.
Team was incredibly helpful and was not pushy at all. Could have done with slightly less comments about how young I look, and not had them ask my father who was with me quite so many times if he was consigning (he was not), but otherwise a very friendly group who gave me a fair price on my car.
Our experience at A&T Subaru was great! We saw a vehicle in their ad in the Intelligencer and sent an email. The Internet Manager, Sheila Springer got right back to us, answered all our questions and waited for us at the end of a very busy day. What Sheila said she had at the dealership was exactly what she told us in the email. We arrived at the dealership, met Sheila, sat down with her to review options, etc, then took a test drive. It's been 10 years since our last Subaru purchase, Sheila explained how all the new dashboard features worked, helped us set up the Bluetooth link and make our first voice recognition phone call! Overall we got a new Subaru Forester at a great price! From start to finish (even signing documents) this dealership was great!
I have never ever delt with such amazing ppl, They are true family like buisness that works to make you feel like a million bucks...If your looking for a car do urself a favor and call them i promise you wont be sorry :)))))
As I have not bought a new car since 1996, a lot has changed -- cars have become over-the-top complicated. I was very happy with my 1996 Legacy (stick-shift) and generally prefer things to be more straightforward and simple, so Andrey had a job on his hands to orient me in the workings of this new Forester. He was patient and thorough and gave an excellent training session, and offered to be available if I had additional questions - which is very likely since this is like a college course for cars! My husband and I appreciate the professionalism of Andrey and the other sales people that we met with today.
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