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So I had been to several dealerships that day before going to Darcars. And would pull in to these dealerships in my former 2002 beat to xxxx Saturn. I would get looks of disgust or no looks at all in some cases. My was told minutes in to conversations with these sales people that there was nothing they could do for me or that I would have to have some outrageous down payment. Now the reason I had not visited Darcars, before is because I am a big guy and never thought I would fit into a Toyota, man was I ever wrong on that. So I was heading home and I live very close to Darcars, here in Frederick, and my boss called me (who also has bought a car at Darcars of Frederick) and told me that I have to stop by and at least test drive a Rav4, the car he had purchased there. After a little bit of deliberation and being pulled over by the cops for them noticing the condition my car was in I made my way over to Darcars. As soon as step out my car I was greeted by Emmett who asked me how I was doing and asked questions to get to know me. Now the reason that is so important to me is because I am also in sales, the one thing that separates a sales person from a great salesperson is the ability to be personal with a customer and to get them to not see you as a person trying to sell you something but someone that wants to truly help them. In short being genuine. Emmett has those qualities, I never once felt rushed or pushed by Emmett, he was straight forward with me on what he could get me into and not get me into, which made me secure in my decision to go with the Corolla. I also dealt with Chris, the finance manager I was really impressed by him he not only was able to finance me and work with me a little on the payments he found out I was paying to much on car insurance and set me up with a whole other insurance group to get my monthly payments on that lower. If that's not going above and beyond I don't what is. All I can say to anyone that is reading my review and are on the fence about getting a Toyota, is stop by Darcars of Frederick, they are knowledgeable, honest and just all around good people. I know I will be back when the time comes for me to get a new one.
Brandon and the entire team worked hard to get me the car I needed. They were truly a prayer answered. They were kind, thoughtful, & had compassion. I recommend them to anyone that's looking for a good reliable vehicle... And great service to go with it. I'll get all my vehicles there because they were so good to me. They treat people with respect. All around the best service in the area.
2 days ago
Brandon was extremely helpful. Had a great first experience at Kyner's. Looking forward to working with them for many years to come. Thank you Brandon and Shawn.
5 days ago
Brandon was great. He was very patient with me as I test drove about a dozen vehicles. He was a pleasure to work with and made my car shopping fun.
5 days ago
I told the Justin what I needed and he started showing me the cars that met my needs. He was understanding and made sure I was happy with what I found. The entire team made sure I was able to walk out the door with a vehicle I wanted. Kyner's made a buyer out of me.
I ran the salesman all over the lot looking at cars and not once did he loose his sense of professionalism or desire to help, I had simply given up as we headed towards my vehicle as we approached Tyler mentioned a vehicle that was near my the spot where I had parked, one test drive later I was purchasing the Chevy, Had Tyler just given up or decided enough walking through the lot I would have not taken the car, Hat's off to Tyler... I certainly will return
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