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We would highly recommend the Garavel dealership. They were very knowledgeable about the vehicles and they made every step of the process, from the negotiations to the financing, enjoyable. Very professional group there!
When I arrived at Garavel Jeep we were introduced to Wrangler Rob. I had a good idea of what I wanted but Rob was able to lay out all my options and quickly find the perfect spec jeep for me. He was very friendly and keen to work with me. When the car arrived Rob even came in on his day off for the collection process, and spent a good amount of time giving a detailed description of how to use all the features. He also showed me how to remove the hard top, and offered to fit the soft top for me if I brought the Jeep back in (which I was able to do a few weeks later) When I collected the car Paula was very efficient at dealing with the finance and made that part of the buying process very painless. Overall a great experience.
Very happy with my new jeep and fuel tires! Took a while to get soft top though. If you're getting a soft top Wrangler Rob was extremely helpful and knowledgable. Steve helped find the color jeep I wanted.
I walked into Garavel Jeep, having a rough idea of what I wanted. I was greeted at the front door and then introduced to a salesperson who goes by the name "Wrangler Rob". Since I was looking for a Jeep Wrangler, I immediately felt like I found the right person. Wrangler Rob enjoys what he does and it shows. Rob is enthusiastic and knowledgeable when it comes to Jeeps. I wanted to personalize my Wrangler with modifications that looked cool and allowed for some off-roading. Rob helped me find modifications within my budget that made my 2-door Wrangler look exactly the way I wanted. I have been getting complements on the Jeep everywhere I go. The dealership made the purchase process and the financing of the vehicle quick and painless. Paula Ramos did a great job in saving us on finance charges. We loved our experience and would buy from Garavel again. A huge thanks to Wrangler Rob for listening first and then guiding me to put together the Jeep I wanted.
Not sure there is anything Bob and Christine could have done to make our purchase easier or more enjoyable. I'd recommend them to anyone. Great team, totally knowledgeable and eager to help. Five stars for our experience!
Henry handles the car buying experience flawlessly! It was fast, easy and pain free. This was an experience that will be rewarded by my future car needs going to Henry and Garavel. Thanks for your effort Henry and we will see you again.
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