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the seller was superb attentive friendly and very patient helped us a lot and in due course all questions and answers Thank you again.....Pedro castillo l very happy great was awesome and he did everything to help!!! I will be back again and again and I'll be referring my friends and famil... Damian carpintero
Colett B
My sales guy Farrukh was the absolute best! He was patient,(I drove several cars) informative and took the time to answer all my questions. He went above & beyond what I expected from a car salesman. Kudos to him! How unusual to find that at a car dealership especially one that is as busy as OffLease. I am sending my sister and recommending OffLease to all my friends, Thanks to Tony in finance for making that part of the process painless!
Let me just start off by saying that I haven't purchased many cars in my life. I'm 34 and have had 3 cars including the one I purchased from Spanos Motors. The first car I purchased I felt taken advantage of. I was just out of boot camp and the dealer saw money signs as soon as I walked in the door. The second I bought 13 years later when that car finally broke down on me for good. I was at the mercy of the dealer because my stepfather wanted me to buy an American car from a dealer he liked so I was limited in what I could get. Unfortunately I was in an accident and that car was totaled. This time I was in a bind because I needed wheels for driving to and from school and I thought, well here we go again. This time I actually tried to take away as much of the uneasy feeling as I could by researching what car I wanted ahead of time and finding the dealers that had what I wanted rather than going to a specific dealer and picking what they had on the lot. To let you know I am not taking that into consideration when giving my review here. It made the process easier for me but has nothing to do with the dealer and it is not factored in to the praise I am giving this dealership. They earned this review all on their own merit. So let's get down to it. Spanos Motors wasn't my first choice. It wasn't my second choice or even my third choice. It was the last stop on a list of 4 dealers in a 75 mile radius who had the specific car I was looking for. The reason they were low on my list? I had read some poor reviews about issues people had with this dealer. So I arrive at around 3:45pm on a Saturday and they are busy. My father-in-law and I were making jokes about them calling in all their buddies to stop by to give the impression that they were in high demand. We were told the area where the Volvo vehicles were located and told that a salesperson would be with us shortly. We looked at the area we were directed in and didn't find any Volvos there, let alone the Volvo C70 I desired. So we wandered outside and just looked around at all the cars waiting for the salesperson to ask them where the specific car they had advertised online was located expecting them to tell us it was sold. We waited for a while and at around 4:15 were about to leave thinking they had none available and that they had forgotten we were even around when Nick approached us, apologized for the wait and when told what it was I was looking for, directed us in the back where there were two vehicles in the make and model I wanted. To those reading this, they have more cars than appear to the random gazer. Ask and you shall receive. The two they had there were an 06 in pretty rough shape inside and out. Needed some TLC but the price reflected that. Then there was an 08 next to it that had a cracked windshield and ran pretty rough. You could tell there was some abuse to these cars and Nick assured me that if I purchased one that the would get them in better working order for me with a 30 day return for a full refund if I wasn't satisfied. Regardless I needed something that wasn't going to have to be in the shop for weeks possibly months on end just to get it back in decent shape because I had recently returned from overseas and had a lot of things I needed to take care of in a short amount of time. So with my hopes dashed we decided to leave and upon exiting out the back we looked over to the rear lot on the other side near the service area and there was yet another Volvo C70. We decided it was worth a look and upon first glance noticed it was in much better shape. We talked to Nick again and he explained with cars being moved in and out at such a fast pace he was unaware of it being back there ready to be detailed. We started it up and took it for a test drive. Nick let me have my way with it, hard acceleration to check the engine response, hard brake to check those, full turns in a parking lot and the like. Drove with the top down and that's when I fell in love. We crunched numbers, calculated payments, worked on what we wanted done to the car to match the price they were asking and came to an agreement on the out the door number. Financing was done expertly by Brad, as the bank I had set up to finance somehow denied my pre-approved loan. Brad worked his magic and was able to get me financed though. The payments were a bit more than I was originally wanting to pay because it was a 60 month rather than a 72 month but this car was definitely worth it. They even let me take the car home with me that night rather than keeping it over the rest of the weekend before they could fix the minor issues I had with the car. By the way, did I mention they stayed about 40 minutes later than closing time just to get me taken care of that evening? Yeah, they went above and beyond there. Come Monday they are ready to start working on the car for the "we owe", new tires, new battery, new vent louver, a cover for the 12 volt port and a detail cleaning so they tell me to bring it in. Unfortunately the car doesn't start. I call them and they have me change the battery which when tested was not putting out enough power. The car still won't start. I call back, they send a tow truck, reimburse me for the battery and fix that problem too which ended up being the mass airflow sensor. Now mind you, while they are fixing the car I brought my stepfather with me to drive me back home. No need for that. They give me a loaner car until mine was ready. Amazing. Above and beyond even the larger dealerships as most of them just drive you home in a courtesy car and come back to pick you up when it's done, leaving you without transportation. Hey, I know this is a long review but there are just so many aspects where this dealership went well above my expectations and deserve the credit for it. Maybe my expectations were low. That's why I explained it all in detail so I could leave that for you to decide. If I had to offer some cons to the whole experience from start to finish it would be that they are a busy dealership and as such patience is necessary. It's easy to be frustrated when you're not in and out right away but trust me, it's well worth the wait. Also, whoever detailed the car could have done a much better job. There was wax left in the spaces between the molding and the body and when they cleaned the dash they sprayed the dashboard directly rather than the cloth and left a spray mist on the inside of the windshield. They were however trying to get my car back to me as fast as they could though which I appreciate. Plus I know how to clean a car so it's not a big deal. I probably would have been just as happy had they not even cleaned it a little. So yeah, that is my experience with Spanos Motors. Even when picking up my car a couple days later I stopped by to asked Eli stupid questions and he answered them anyway. Kelly is on the hunt for a coffee mug for my stepfather and Nick stays in contact with me to make sure I am still enjoying the car. Will you have the same experience as I did? I can't say for 100% certain but I'm going to guess if you're willing to be patient with them and let them work their magic then you'll come away with a great car at a decent price and they will take care of you well even after you drive off the lot. Thanks again to the crew at Spanos Motors for giving me my best car buying experience ever.
Great selection and great staff! Thank you for everything !!! Very accommodating to ensure our time at the lot was as pleasant as could be. Did not force any vehicles upon us. ZERO pressure
It was a long process but the two people that helped us where great, Jacob and Engelbrd. Great choice of car and the carfax helped s lot
I had exceptional service that was not only hassle free but truly easy going and a relaxing experience while I found and purchased my new car! I will be recommending you to everyone I know when they go to purchase their next car! Thank you!!
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