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324 Sixth Street, Suite 2, Annapolis, Maryland 21403
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Michele Mitchell-Nordquist, Finance & Brand Manager, smart Center Annapolis

Michele Mitchell-Nordquist

Finance & Brand Manager
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Latest Reviews

March 05, 2017

"Outstanding service"

- Smartgal

I have owned my Smart car for 3 1/2 years with absolutely no problems. Service here has been outstanding. The best I have ever encountered in my 50 years of owning cars. I will never go anywhere else for service on my car. I live in Baltimore and chose to purchase and service my car at this service center due to their continued standards of excellence. They will not let you down.

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April 29, 2016

"A new high was achieved in car repair work"

- TC

I have been taking my wife's Smart Car to this place for many years and have never failed to have a positive experience. The customer care is top notch, and in a case where it was not certain if a problem had been caused by myself or by them they gave me the benefit of the doubt and took care of it free of charge, amazing! I am not used to this in the car repair industry. My service adviser Jamie Wist has always been responsive to my text, email or phone calls and has provided excellent service.

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June 23, 2014

"They sold me a lemon"

- Godardth

Back in 2010, they managed to sell me a lemon, or branded title, or bad carfax. Whatever you want to call it. They also sold it to me without warranty, while the car only had 4.000 miles. I never had major repairs until right after 50.00 miles. Some cables for the alternator had rust and damaged the alternator. My guess is that the LEMON was sitting in a lot for a while collecting rust and that damaged the car for the long run. $1500 to fix it. When I came back to trade it in, of course, they would not give me crap for it. They took advantage of my inexperience. I went to Germantown and they REALLY helped me. I ended up getting an Electric with Sean.

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smart Center Annapolis, Annapolis, MD, 21403