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"Avoid at all costs. Go absolutely anywhere else. I purchased my Jeep from this dealership and the experience was beyond terrible, yet I returned for the included services and each experience has been worse than the last. Somehow I am just now learning my lesson that this place is totally incompetent after two nightmarish back to back trips. On the first trip, they told me to return in an hour for pickup, but we told them we’d be back at 7 for pickup after work. They agreed, however when we arrived, my vehicle hadn’t even been seen (despite having an appointment that morning and receiving no communication from the service department). I returned the next day to pickup from the front desk at the end of the day where my keys and receipt were to be waiting for me, and they had lost my keys. We waited for half an hour while they searched for them. Finally someone located the keys and acted like nothing was wrong, and left. We asked where our Jeep was and they said “no idea”. Finally someone else had to take the keys back and get the Jeep from the second level, where we very obviously couldn’t have gotten it on our own. Employees are awful, customer support is non existent, and service is a joke. Never, ever, ever, ever come here FOR ANYTHING. "
"I really like the people at Advantage, my husband passed in 2019, and they were very kind to me and understanding that I wasnt useed to doing the things he took care of."