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"today, we took my wife’s 2010 Honda Crosstour home, after the third trip to your service center in the last four months. It was towed, yesterday, into your center for the second time in the last four months. One time, we were able to drive the car there. The car begins to shake and cut out, loosing power. The car was checked during the last two visits for oil lose problems and faulted spark plugs. This time we were told we needed to replace the PRICE BANK 1 AND BANK 2 OIL PRESSURE SWITCHES WITH O-RINGS AND REPLACE (P3400 VPS SYSTEM SUCK OFF) Fail $383.74. Mr. London, this is a different story than we had been told in the past. We were told there may be a problem with the rings. And we found on the internet, there are numerous stories about ring problems in the V6 engine. And when I asked if this would correct the problem, I explained that my wife no longer feels safe driving her car. And I don’t either. We worry that it will happen again - the shaking, cutting out and lost power. We had been told that our repairs would be covered by warranty. We were lead to believe that if the problem happened again, that maybe Honda would do a ring job on the car. Today, we were told that is not going to happen. And this is not covered by warranty. And we were given no guarantee it will not happen again. We were told that Honda believes adding a quart of oil every 2400 is not a problem. We were told that we should bring the car, every two weeks to a month, to your service center and the staff would check the oil and add more if needed. Mr. London, I have never heard of such a thing. But we would told that we should be able to drive the car up to 150,000 by doing this. Now, let me ask you, my wife uses five quarts of synthetic oil in her oil changes. Using this formula - during the 6,000 miles allowed in this oil change, she would need to add two to three quarts of oil - does this make sense to you. So we paid the $383.74 plus tax and left your service center, not knowing if the car is safe to drive. She loved her Crosstour and was planning on buying a new one, when the new model comes out in 2018. BUT NOT NOW! She agreed with me, it will be best to cross the street and check out the Toyota or Nissan. And you, sir, since, we do not feel that we can trust this car, lost a new car sales and future service work. I know this means little to you. For us, this is a problem and sad. I just wanted you to know. By the way, when we got your survey email today, it would not open nor could we add our comments."
"Recieved service on 2 of my vehicles same day no appointment 2 hour turn around. I have been a loyal customer at Harbro since 2010. There customer service and dedication is above and beyond. I've purchased 3 vehicles and they take care of all my preventive maintenance from oil to tires. I highly recommend Harbro to anyone I know is shopping for a vehicle. Mike will never steer you wrong, there all just an honest helpful group. "