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2 days ago
"I have been a CBB customer for 2.5 years, and they have always kept in close contact with me about my oil changes and asking anything I need. I call them and they immediately know who I am, and address my issues instantly, they have even stayed later than business hours to help me with some car problems. Last time I went in for an oil change, they (Randy Wood in Service specifically in this instance) sanded my slightly squeaking breaks, changed my oil, and detailed my car; when I picked up my car, they hand me a bill for $0, and stated that it was taken care of free of charge due to my tenure with the dealership, even though my car had just passed its service contract expiration. This is just one example of the stellar service CBB has provided to me (along with replacing my tires for free when I suffered a blowout, and various other positive experiences). My car looks and runs great now, and CBB's reputation as the best dealership in Arizona has been again reaffirmed. I will always do business with them. There was a good reason I bought my car from CBB rather than Audi North Scottsdale or others- their customer service and offers of goodwill are unmatched, and even though I came in with an old ugly Honda to trade in, they treated me with the same respect and professionalism as they'd treat someone who drove up in a Ferrari. "
2 days ago
"Went in to the dealership for VIN verification. The staff was friendly and helpful. Rick Romero quickly got the paperwork needed and I was on my way in 15 minutes."