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LeRoy Butler Ford Lincoln Mercury

1682 Royalton Street, Waupaca, Wisconsin 54981
Sales: (715) 258-2177

Makes: Ford|Lincoln|Mercury|Service Center
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LeRoy Butler Ford Lincoln Mercury
1 Lifetime Review
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"A few months ago we (my husband and I) were looking..."

A few months ago we (my husband and I) were looking through the local buyers guide and came across a car in an add for Leroy Butler Ford we were interested in. On the add it showed the PT Cruiser we eventually bought with a buyers incentive of 2 packer tickets which was a great incentive. ( I still have a copy of the add and am still awaiting my packer tickets as promised). We took a test drive the next Saturday with Kevin, who was very nice a little bit pushy but no more than any other used car salesman. We liked the car and where ready to buy. Then we were told they wouldn’t give us tickets now because we would be financing the car which it did not say anywhere on the add. Then I asked if we were to buy it outright would we still get tickets they said no because they really don’t give tickets anymore that we could get a signed autographed photo. Which did not sit well with us but the car was a good deal. We traded in 2 cars which we did not get what they were worth but that is beside the point. When we came in to sign the paperwork Kevin went through all of it with us. We were told we had to have the gap insurance in order to get the car that there was not a way they could get the loan to go through with out it. I questioned that part thoroughly because we had additional funds we could put down if there was not enough equity in the car if something were to happen would our insurance cover the whole loan. This increased the loan by over $900 in addition to that we would be charged interest on that. We thought it was pretty fishy that it was required however we were assured the finance manager would call us the next day when he came in to let us know how much the difference was so if we wanted to pay that down we could and then remove the gap. Another thing that was bothering me is that the car was said to be certified preowned and everything had been checked out. However from the very first test drive I heard squeaking when we breaked. I had been assured several times that the breaks were checked and just squeaked because it hadn’t been driven in a while. Even though we had drove the car all weekend it still squeaked. I was assured several times that they were checked and in good shape. Then to ease my mind Kevin talked to a supervisor to get the ok to write up an IOU that the breaks would be checked out by the service department and fixed if there was a problem. The IOU would expired at the end of October. We were also promised that we would be able to get a loaner car for the day as we both worked out of town and worked the same hours they were open. After leaving we were confident we were going to get: the breaks checked out and fixed if necessary, the finance manger was going to call us to go over everything, and that when we had the car checked out we were going to get a loaner for a day, And we were going to get signed memorabilia. None of which we got. No one ever called from the financing department even though we called several times to try to get someone to give us any information. The first call to the service dept I was told they were not open on Saturday and that we would have to do it during the week and we would get a loaner car. Then I said I would have to make other arrangements and would call back. In the meantime out lender called us to ask us if we had any questions. I asked them why we had to carry the gap and how much we would have to pay down so we would not have to carry that and finance the extra $900. They told us that the gap was not required at all by them and it was not correct that we were told it was. We were told we would have to call the gap company and they could cancel it and send a check for the full gap coverage amt. We called the gap company who told us we needed to call the dealer to cancel. Which we did and were assured it was immediately and when we asked why they told us we needed it when we did not the question was sidestepped several times after getting no where we ended the call. Then I figured a time I could get off work to get the breaks checked. I called and set up an appointment during the week. When my husband called to confirm and to make sure they would have the loaner car ready they told him we don’t have a loaner car for you we don’t ever do that. Even though we had been told 2x by 2 different people that we would get a loaner car for a day. I was really upset that this was so difficult and that I was going to have to take off work again. I called again in a few days to schedule the appointment after I had inconvenienced my family to have to pick me up and take me to work. Then I explained all of this to the service department the guy I talked to said he could have it check out on Saturday even though we had previously been told no. We took the car in to get checked out and sure enough the breaks were bad. The service department said the front breaks were worn and needed to be replaced and one on the rear needed to be turned. We were told the manager would call us on Monday to schedule an appointment to get it fixed. We did not get a call then on Wednesday my husband called he was transferred a few times and then he said the person he needed to talk to was out and that he would call right away the next morning. We are still waiting for that call. We called several times to try to reach someone either the phone would just ring and ring or the person was not in we needed to talk to. We were very frustrated and found it awfully fishy as to why they were not standing behind what they said they would do and why was this so difficult. I have all of the dates and times we’ve called if you need that for proof we’ve been trying to resolve this for over a month now. Just today I was backing up and I almost hit my house because the breaks did not stop as they should have (it must have been on the spot that needed to be turned) it kinda clunked (I am not sure how else to describe it) and then I had to slam several times before it would stop. I was freaked out. This was definitely not safe and we needed to get this fixed now no more messing around. My husband called on lunch twice and then again after work several times while they were open and no one answered. I don’t know what else to do I am at my wits end with all of this. We haven’t been unreasonable to ask we be given what we were promised and what we paid for. My husband bought a car from this dealership before it was Leroy Butler Ford he said his previous experience was like night and day. It all boils down to this Leroy Butlers name is on the dealership although he may have been a great player, his name is associated with a dealership that treats people the way we have been treated. Rather than have my name dragged through the mud I would try to fix it and make things right. And on top of all of this what else might be wrong with this car that was certified preowned. What else may they have missed. Is this car safe is it going to last or did we go through all of this for a car that may have a lot more problems under the hood. I am worried.


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