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"Brought my car in to diagnose some noises. The biggest one was coming from the soundaktor speaker of my GTI. Took them over a week to replace that part with a new one, but the rattling sound is still there, just a little quietier now, meaning I can't confirm if the part was in fact replaced, or just "tightened down". I am not bringing my car back to them not only because of how long they kept my car (and didn't fully fix the issue) BUT because I had 30 more miles on my odometer upon pick up! When I asked my service advisor why they drove it for 30 miles, he simply said they were doing test drives. Unacceptable, because you could hear the noise problem within 2 minutes of driving. I think someone either drove it home back and forth a couple of times, or they took turns joy riding my car. One last thing, although not a big deal to me, my car was very dirty upon pick up, meaning they didn't even give it a wash, until I politely asked them to. "
"Since I moved to the area I tried these guys due to word of mouth. These guys have gone up and beyond every time I've stopped in. I heavily suggest them if you need a good doctor for your car. I never expected them to wash my car just because it was my first time. What a surprise!!!!!"