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780 Paterson Ave, East Rutherford, New Jersey 07073
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Philippe Misri, Sales, Asal Motors

Philippe Misri

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October 06, 2018

"good cars, but do your homework up front"

- SteveNJ

NOTE: I DID INDEED BUY A CAR HERE (good car, fair price) - so why the 2 stars. bottom line: they have good cars at fair prices (price will NOT be as advertised) - their sales "tactics" could be much better. here's the story: I went in to look at a 2011 BMW Z4 S30 - nice car they were advertising at $16,900 - WAY BELOW other same car on car gurus. Jerzy the sales advizor was helpful, no high pressure, and easy to get along with. I met several other people (the owner - kind of gruff, but I think he was having family problems so I'll give him a pass). Anyway, after discussion they agreed I could take the car to BMW for an evaluation (it cost me $175 at BMW, but I was expecting that). Look I get it, they can't agree to this to everybody that walks in as they have limited staff and you have to qualify your serious buyers from looky-lou's. BMW gave the car a good review, some items to be concerned about. I made an offer on the car, they rejected it, in the end they came down $500 (thanks Mero) and I agreed to buy the car - CASH (well certified check). we went through the numbers and in addition they charged me "dealer prep fee" , "destination charge", along with registration/documentation, taxes, and plates. the fees were high and inflated the price of the car to $19,000. I wasn't mad though. I KNOW that the same exact car on car gurus was going for $19,500 - $20,500 - so in the end they actually did have the best price. they do their homework, and they KNOW they have the best price. You should do your homework too and negotiate "OUT THE DOOR PRICE" including all fees before you bring a certified check. my only wish was that this information be more upfront. we never would have gotten the car for what they were advertising, the "dealer fees" ($2,500!!!) are mostly made up - I think they could have put a better feel around the buying cycle if they either advertized their dealer fees, or they had a "rock bottom price" of the car. so a little bait and switch, a little bit of a good deal, I got a really great car at a fair price- just the experience itself could have been handled a little better.

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Employees Worked With

Jerzy, Mero, Hussein

August 10, 2018

"Great customer service from everyone "

- Geekarina

Franco helped me out check out the car I was looking for and he was very helpful and friendly I enjoyed my visit everyone else was very friendly

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July 01, 2018

"Very dishonest "

- Snaketrapper

Bought my wife an Audi TT as a gift in December very nice car but also a true lemon bought car for 4900 drove 3 hours to get there the car was not clean as they stated it would be test drive only around the block anyway have spent over 5000 in repairs my wife who is recovering from a rare disease cannot enjoy the car now the turbo blew we bought new part will cost 1400 to put turbo on well I have medical bills to pay and I was so stupid to trust these people thank you guys please be honest with people

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Other Employees : Manny Morales, Shawn Tawfik

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