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Garlyn Shelton Mazda of Temple


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5700 SW H K Dodgen Loop 363, Temple, Texas 76504 Directions
Sales: (800) 410-4832

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1 Review of Garlyn Shelton Mazda of Temple

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July 12, 2012

"On Wednesday June 29, 2012 we took our son's Mazda 6 2009..."

- genio

On Wednesday June 29, 2012 we took our son's Mazda 6 2009 for oil change at your dealership and we were greeted by Mr. Jerry George. * When we returned to repair shop, we were informed by Mr. George, that the car needed 2 new tires, probably alignment and change the cabin filter * We told him we need them by next day because on Friday we were traveling to Houston. * Mr. Jerry George never call me back * On Friday morning, before traveling to Houston, we went to the shop and was told that Mr. George did not work that day and that the tires were in but they could not do the work because they many cars waiting. * I told them that my car was priority because the work was supposed to be finished yesterday, but they did not care. * I made an appointment for Monday at 9 am for the work to be done. * On Friday, I had to travel to Houston at low speed, because I was afraid the tires were not in good condition. * On Monday Morning (July 2, 2012), I decide to express my complaint to the general manager before going to the work shop. * I entered the dealership and nobody was in the floor. * Finally I saw some men in a cubicle * I entered and asked to speak to the general manager. * A good (Mr. Brian E. Dude) told he was he manager but that he was in a meeting and that I should wait. * I told him I believe customer came before other things. * I move out of the cubicle * I returned that to speak to him and told to better hurry because I had an appointment at 9 am at the repair shop with Mr. Jerry Gerry and that felt was given bad service. * He told me I better leave * I waited in the show room and told again to leave because he was going to call the police and I was going to be arrested * I asked who was his boss and he responded he was the only person in charged. I ask myself why not anyone gives your name, if they felt they treated me as I deserved. * Even though, Mr. Duble was agitated and raised his voice to me, he accused me of screaming to him. * I asked the sale personnel if I was screaming and they seemed afraid and accused me raising my voice. * Once again I asked the sale personnel who was Mr. Duble's boss and they stated he was the maximum authority. * I went to the cubicle and asked Mr. Duble for a business card and he responded "here is four". * I responded to Mr. Duble, that I only need one and there was not need to waste trees. * I gave four cards and took them. It seems he is wasting company resources. * In shock, I decide to leave but I told him that when they sold me the cars they promised everything and later they did not deliver. * Mr. Brian E. Dube responded "I will not sell a car to you". * I shallow my pride, and went to speak to Mr. George and told him I was mistreated by Mr. Duble and asked for Mr. Duble's boss and was told Mr. Garlyn Shelton was an old man who lived in his ranch and does not come to the dealership. Mr. Jerry George told he had only seen Mr. Shelton once. * Mr. George told I could speak the manager of the work shop. * I remind him of the thing pending: change 2 tires, alignment, change cabin filter. * I went to Target and waited for call from Mr. George. He never call me back * I called Mr. George and was told the car will be ready in 10 minutes. * When I arrived, Mr. George told a mistake was made and that the cabin filter for that car was not available and alignment must be done but that they did not have time. * I told him I had an appointment. He responded only for changing the tires. I told him we discussed the alignment. * Mr. George told me come back in Friday; I told him I will out of the city.

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