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Steve Coury Ford Lincoln Mercury


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5980 Coury Drive, Cottonwood, Arizona 86326 Directions
Sales: (928) 634-2291

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1 Review of Steve Coury Ford Lincoln Mercury

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March 04, 2013

"Took Ford Truck to the Steve Coury Ford Service Center..."

- sindaz7

Took Ford Truck to the Steve Coury Ford Service Center for an issue with power loss going uphill only - truck ran absolutley great except for a small power loss going uphill. Brought truck in at 8:30 am on the 12th at approximately 3:30 pm in the afternoon I was called and told that we had serious issues with our truck and it was going to cost a lot of money to fix. I was told that both catalytic converters were completely shot and needed to be replaced , that there was low compression on cylinder 5 and the truck most likely had a bent rod. I inquired about how they know it has a bent rod and told they would have to tear the engine down to figure it all out for sure . I asked for some quotes about just replacing the catalytic converters and was told a few thousand dollars but that they would shop around for some off market catalytic converters and call me back tomorrow - by 4:30 the next day I had not heard back from the service department and so I called and was told that the man (Mark) whom was helping me was out because his daughter was sick . I proceeded to go to dealership the next morning at 9 am and was greeted by the manager - Billy (female) whom I asked to get my truck at which point she said they needed to put it back together and it would be ready soon and went over again what we should have done - then brought us back to the mechanic who proceeded to tell us we would need to replaced engine at around 6,000.00 or more not to mention another 2,000 for catalytic converter replacements at which point we argued with him over how it could be bent rod and could it not just be the catalytic converter causing the issues (we had done extensive research and knew it could ) he said no that there was severe engine issues and it would not just work, we also asked how spark plugs looked and he said they were perfect - that they had just replaced them 40,000 ,miles ago - which we knew of course - we left the dealership with our truck and it was running soo badly we had to literally stop it at another mechanic and barely made it. NOW I called immediately and said what happened to my truck , I brought it to you running fine except for uphill and now it is stalling , front end shaking and jumping to the point of barely driving - the manager then said I will have the mechanic call you - he did and said oh its probably the cylinder 5 issue and when I said no way this was not the way we brought it in he was very rude and said well I don't know and when I said I was going to speak to managment he said whatever and hung up. the mechanic that we ended up at called me within hours that day and stated that they actually tore everything down and could find no low compression on cylinder 5 or any others for that matter - actually did all compression test and checked everything on truck - literally a laundry list and that only the left catalytic converter was bad - the right one was perfect. The next morning he called me with a quote to replace catalytic converter , spark plugs as they were very worn (but Ford said they were great- I have pictures and my spark plugs they were not great), and clean the fuel injection system - $1900.00(a screaming deal considering they also did hours upon hours of diagnostic work to make sure nothing else wrong. the next morning we picked up our truck to find it running absolutely amazing - no bent rods, no engine replacement , no 2 catalytic converter replacement - IT IS RUNNING BETTER THAN IT HAS SINCE FORD LAST DID A TUNE UP! I called Ford - spoke with manager - BIlly again and she was very defensive and could not figure out how there was soo much of a difference and why we were told all of these lies---- IN SHORT STEVE COURY FORD SERVICE CENTER IS A SCAM AND WILL LIE AND CHEAT YOU AND BREAK YOUR VEHICLE - I HAVE ALL OF THE PROOF IN THE WORLD AND WILL NOT STOP JUST TO MAKE SURE THEY DON'T SCREW EVERYONE ELSE WHO BRINGS THERE VEHICLE IN . DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU - GET A SECOND OPINION !!!!! still no response from Billy the service department manager or anyone and truck is still running great after slight repairs as listed above

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