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September 20, 2018

"Convenient, but average customer service!!"

- daajones1234

I bought 2015 BMW 428I Great car, but process is too long. When I needed to get answers most of the customer service agents were not friendly. My advice is if you can get to a local dealer, buy locally, but if you don't Vroom Online isn't a bad choice but you must be patient!!!

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Jose Guitierrez

September 19, 2018

"I love my car!!!"

- vroom1

If you do your homework on the car you want and they have what you want, do it! The best part was, the car was delivered to me! I felt like a baller when the car showed up in my driveway. Customer service was amazing. Best part, no pressure. Just me and my laptop, looking at all the cars until I found what I wanted. Just do your homework on the vehicle, you can't go wrong!!!!! Thank you all at VROOM........

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Mary McKeon, Kenya Morales, Katelyn Wisner, Michael Harden, Ahslynn Williams, Elida Contreras

September 19, 2018

"Good Experience"

- Genmobile

I had very specific requirements and Vroom was the only place that had what I wanted. They offered me blue book on the trade in and the purchase with no haggling. The car was as described. The lighting on their pictures was off so much I thought the interior was gray and not black. Luckily I'm fine with black. Customer service has been great. Delivery was fast. The car came with a white residue all over it, I guess the soap they use; I had to work hard to get it off. They delivered it to me in a public place with no gas. The fuel light was on. I wanted to drive around the parking lot and acclimate my self to the car but I felt immense time pressure to get to a gas station and as a result hit the road without even adjusting the mirrors. Kind of dangerous. Right now they are having a problem getting me the title almost two months after purchase; not sure if it's Vroom's fault but at least they are politely keeping me up to date and sending me a replacement drive-out tag since the first one is about to expire. As scary as it was buying a car online, I'd say overall it has gone well and I would recommend Vroom. Be aware that the contract forces you to give up your right to sue in court. You can opt out by sending a letter to Vroom's lawyers in New York.

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